Become an Auctioneer Masterclass – 6 week course
Become an Auctioneer Masterclass – 6 week course


A career changing course delivered by a highly experienced auctioneer with a combined 20 years experience

Warren Tate – Residential Auctioneer, Licensed Estate Agent and certified speaking coach

Warren has coached numerous auctioneers and as past CEO of a bayside real estate franchise group, he has coached 100’s of agents in the process of listing more auctions and how to run a successful auction campaign.

  • Win more listings when presenting as the agent & Auctioneer
  • Grow your market share by growing your brand recognition
  • Deliver memorable and exciting auctions with stories
  • Be more confident with body language and voice projection
  • Understand personality styles for faster connection with the audience

You will receive a detailed work book, personal coaching and video footage of your full auction in the competition.

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I GET YOU – book Purchase plus postage
I GET YOU – book Purchase plus postage
Communication is the key to success. This practical approach will help you unlock your communication super powers.
We speak between 16,000 and 45,000 words every day. When was the last time you practised and improved your communication skills?
Every chapter and every topic builds your communication super power for face to face communication and will transform your business and personal communications into clear and meaningful outcomes. You will become more  influential, build stronger relationships and change your destination.
     “Your attention is the greatest gift you can give when communicating”
We live in a busy, electronic information world. Creating clarity during face to face communication and ensuring your message is herd and understood the way you intended, has never been more important. Presentations, meetings, social occasions, networking or meeting people for the first time can influence your outcomes dramatically. Face to face communication, like any skill, can be learned and mastered.
Warren takes you on a journey of continued improvement with every chapter and strategy. He makes complex, scientific based principals simple to understand, enabling you to implement the concepts, clarifying your message and changing your outcomes.
Communication can and will change your destination.
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