Mastering your presentation 

Mastering, not just being a good presenter, in any profession, can be the key to long term success and prosperity.

One of the biggest downfalls of many presenters is not fully understanding their audience, not having a succinct message and not engaging the audience to want to know or obtain more.

In this workshop you will take away key cues that will alert you to uncover the type of personality you are presenting to, how to best influence them and to communicate in a manner that they can comprehend more easily.

Key outcomes you can expect from the workshop:

  • Be present from the very first communication
  • Questions will provide you the road map to the clients needs
  • Understand your own personality style
  • Understand how you comprehend information
  • Better understand the different personality types
  • Understand that you need to adapt your presentation style to meet their personality traits and comprehension methods


The art of storytelling

Story telling is the best way to engage your audience of one or many.

A great story teller transports the audience to the location and goes through the key events that leave them on the edge of their seats in anticipation of the outcome.  The principal story telling tool kit, the nine C’s will ensure every story you tell will engage every audience member and your point or message will be remembered.

  • Tell a story to make your point clear and memorable
  • There is a structure to story telling that engages every audience
  • You can’t be the hero of the story
  • A simple step by step process to structure your story
  • Become memorable